An English Dinner Party

I was called by a client who wanted to have a Dinner Party for seven of her closest friends. After we had discussed a date and time for this event, she told me that one friend was from England and was asking for English Malt Bread. For this Dinner party, I served a crab quesadilla and stuffed mushrooms for appetizers. Salmon with dill sauce, red roasted potatoes, with roasted asparagus for the entree’. Also a big luscious Triple Chocolate Cake. It is a 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting, and chocolate ganache. I had made 2 loaves of the English Malt Bread, 1 for dinner and 1 for the gentleman from England to take home with him. Through the whole dinner all he talked about was that bread. When dinner was over I gave the gentleman a loaf to take home with him. You would have thought I gave him a million bucks. He was so happy.